Some items are hand made and tailored from scratch. It takes 1-7 days to fulfill each order.
Delivery time 
Europe: DHL 3-7 days, standard 14-25 days 
USA and Americas: DHL 5-7 days, standard 14-30 days 
Asia: DHL 3-7 days, standard 20-30 days 
Australia: DHL 5-9 days, standard 30-90 days
Russia: 1-7 days
Standard worldwide shipping is 15 EUR and DHL is 30 EUR (clothes & accessories) 
Стоимость доставки по России 300 руб, курьеры/ЕМS
For footwear is 40 EUR (DHL)
For orders over 3 kg is 45 EUR (DHL)
The cost may vary depending on the country and weight
Total shipping cost you will see in your shopping cart
All transactions are in EUR through PayPal or Cards
When you pay by card EUR will be converted into RUB accordingly.
При оплате картой Евро автоматически переводится в рубли
1. Defects:
Our store will make a full refund or replace the item in case if any defects are found.
2. Wrong size:
  -2.1 If you receive an item in the wrong size by our mistake we will replace the item at our own expense. In this case a buyer has the right to refuse the purchased item with full refund.
  -2.2 If an item in the wrong size is delivered by mistake of a buyer we will replace the item with correct size, but a buyer has to cover new shipping. A buyer undertakes to return unsuitable item at his/her expense.
3. Delivery issues:
  -3.1 Our store will make a full refund or ship a new item in case if the parcel is lost by a postal service provider or it is not delivered/returned to a costumer/our store within 3 months period since it was shipped.
  -3.2 A buyer can request a refund in case if the parcel is lost only if it's been 3 months since it was shipped.
  -3.3 If customs of the receiving country send the parcel back to us we will be able to resend it at our own expense or a buyer can refuse the item and request a full refund.

Our store doesn't make refunds in the following cases:
1. If a buyer decides to refuse from the purchased item when it's already shipped.
2. If a buyer forgets to receive or intentionally avoids receiving the parcel.
3. If a buyer used the item (shoots, events, etc.)
4. If the tracking number says the parcel is RECEIVED, but a buyer claims it is not delivered.
5. If the parcel is returned to our store with 'unsuccessful delivery attempt/unclaimed' mark on it. A buyer can ask us to resend it covering shipping fee.
1. Our store has no control over 3rd parties like national/express postal services or couriers.
2. The store doesn't look for lost or delayed parcels. A buyer can look for the parcel using track info which we send automatically when it's shipped.
3. Our store is not responsible for any delivery delays due to postal services, customs checks or other authorities.

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